Data processing rules

Privacy policy of SC “Golf Club “PESTOVO” (hereafter — Policy) was updated on the 25th of April 2018.

The company SC “Golf Club “PESTOVO” (hereafter - “Pestovo”) cares about data privacy of its clients. The privacy policy has been elaborated to this end, it includes the rules of collecting, using, disclosure, transfer and storing your information. Please read our rules of confidentiality obligation and contact us: if you have any questions.

Collecting and using personal information

Personal information is data allowing to identify a person or contact him or her.

Personal information we collect

When signing up at the site (hereafter web site), ordering a call back, filling in the application form for club membership, paying application to participate in a tournament, paying a subscription for study at golf academy, sending a message via feedback form, we can ask you to provide the information including first and last names, postal address, phone number, e-mail, preferred communication method and credit card data. Detailed legal information about information collecting is here:

The way we use personal information:

Collected personal information helps to keep you up to date with news of our club, to inform you about upcoming events. If you want to refuse from newsletters you can do it at any time by changing appropriate settings.

We also use personal information to create, develop, operate, distribute and improve our products, services, materials and advertising and also to prevent losses and to counteract scam.

Periodically we use collected personal information to send important notifications, for example messages about changes of our terms, regulations and policies. You can’t refuse from receiving these messages because this information is extremely important for our cooperation.

We can use personal information for internal purposes, for example when performing audit, data analysis and researches destined to improve “Pestovo” products and services and also to improve communication methods with clients.

Collecting and using the information that is not personal

We also collect data that isn’t personal. We can collect, use, transfer and disclose such information with any purpose. Few examples of the information that isn’t personal we collect and use.

We can collect the information about actions of our clients at our web site. This information allows us to provide our clients with more useful information and also to understand which web site sections and services are most interesting for them. The data composed in frames of this Privacy policy doesn’t relate to the category of personal information.

We can collect and store the information about the way you use our services. This information can be used to improve the relevancy of services we provide. This data isn’t linked to IP address, with the exception of some circumstances, when it’s needed to improve the functionality of services on the Internet.

When uniting the information that is not personal with personal one, this combined data will be personal till it remains united.

Cookies files and other technologies

At “Pestovo” web site, within online services, electronic messages and ads we can use cookies files and other technologies in particular pixel tags and web beacons. These technologies allow us to better understand user actions and also to estimate and increase the efficiency of ads and web search.

The information collected via cookies and other similar technologies isn’t considered as personal one. But we consider IP addresses or other similar identifiers personal information in case if it’s stipulated in local legislation. Similarly under this Policy if the information that isn’t personal is united with personal one we consider such information personal.

To disable cookie files in Safari web browser, open Safari settings and choose “Confidentiality” section. If you use another web browser, contact your provider to figure out how to disable cookie files.

As many other Internet services we automatically collect certain information and store it in journal files. This information includes your IP address, browser type and interface language, Internet provider name, web sites addresses or applications names from which and to which the transition has been made, operation system, date and time tags, information about visits.

We use this information to understand and analyze trends, to manage our site, to examine user behaviour on the site, to improve our products and services and to collect demographic information about our users in general. “Pestovo” company can use this information within marketing and advertising services.

Within some of our e-mail letters we use “ one click transition URL addresses” connected with “Pestovo” web site’s materials. When users click such links they pass to landing page through separate web server. We track information about these transitions because they help us to determine the most popular themes and to estimate the efficiency of our interaction with users. If you want to refuse from this tracking, don’t click text and graphic links within the letter.

Pixel tags allow to send electronic letters in available format for users and they also give a possibility to determine if the letter was opened and read. We can use this information to decrease the number of electronic letters or to refuse from them.


“Pestovo” company can be obliged to disclose your personal information in accordance with the legislation, legal proceeding requirements, litigation or by the request of a public authority of your host country or other countries. We also can disclose your personal information if it will be necessary in next purposes: national security, law applying or other socially important purposes.

We also can disclose your personal information if it’s necessary to meet our terms or to protect our operations or users. And also in case of reorganization, fusion or sale of companies we can transfer personal data to the third party.

Personal data protection

“Pestovo” company cares a lot about protection of your personal information. “Pestovo” online services protect your personal information during transactions using encryption. To store your personal information “Pestovo” uses computer systems with limited access located in areas with physical security equipment.

When you use certain “Pestovo” services, when publishing messages in forums, chats or social network sites the personal information indicated by you and all the content will be available for other users. In these cases that’s you who have the responsibility for the information you provide and send. For example you indicate your name and e-mail address when discussing something on a forum, so such information becomes publicly available. Please be careful in such situations.

Integrity and storage of personal information

“Pestovo” can provide accuracy, integrity and pertinence of your personal information. We’ll store your personal information during the period that’s necessary to fulfil obligations under this Policy unless otherwise specified by law.

Access to personal information

You can help us to provide accuracy, integrity and pertinence of your contact information and personal preferences by signing in your profile. As regards to other data, we’ll give you access to your personal information so that you could request to correct or to delete the data except the cases when the information storage is specified by law or it’s necessary for “Pestovo” company to act in accordance with existing legislation. We can deny requests that are groundless or vexatious, that break confidentiality of other users or that have no sense.

Third party sites and services

“Pestovo” web site can contain links to third party web sites, products and services. Our service also can use or offer products or services of third parties.

Information management, that is collected by third party developers and that can include location or contact information, is regulated by their privacy policies. We recommend you to read their privacy policies.

Our customer commitment

To protect our customers’ personal data we acquaint “Pestovo” staff with recommendations about security and confidentiality and we provide their strict execution within the company.

Questions about confidentiality

If you’ve got any questions about “Pestovo” privacy policy or about data processing or you want to tell us about alleged violation of confidentiality law, please contact us:

We check all applications and try to answer them as soon as possible. If you want to get exhaustive information about the ways to send complaints that fit your circumstances, please contact us.  

“Pestovo” company periodically updates the Policy. If there are some significant changes of this Policy, we’ll place an appropriate notification on our site and we’ll also publish updated Policy.